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Durian taste - Characteristics delicious flavor from Southern Vietnam

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Durian is a tropical fruit in Southern Vietnam. The famous durian typical of the South, durian is rich in nutrients. Because of its great health benefits, durian is a favorite fruit exported to foreign countries. So how does durian taste? What is durian good for? Please refer to the article below with Vagrofood Vietnam Agriculture Food!

Why is the taste of durian so characteristic?

Surely those who have seen or eaten durian will never forget its scent. The taste of durian has a very strong scent, fleshy and sweet, and also radiates a long distance. For those who like this scent, it can be eaten. But there are also some people who can't stand the "rotten" scent. Some even describe it as the smell of rotten onions.

It is because of the strong scent of durian. So this fruit has been banned in many public places. Because not everyone can smell this scent. Durian has a very different taste, so try a few before eating to see if it suits you.

In durian fruit contains 44 different compounds. In it, the researchers confirmed the presence of the rare amino acid ethionine in durian fruit. It is this amino acid that plays a major role in forming the characteristic taste of durian.

How will durian be eaten properly?

First, you should use protective gloves or mittens. To open the hard and prickly skin of the durian. This avoids getting stabbed in the hand by thorns. Next, you need to identify the notches of the durian so that you can easily and gently pry it open before separating the flesh of the durian.

Then you can enjoy the fruit’s meat inside. Besides, you can process different dishes such as sticky rice, juice, soup, desserts. When durian is frozen, the texture and taste of durian change slightly. This will make the durian flesh softer, looser and more chewy.

What is durian good for?

Digestive Support

Durian contains high levels of fiber, which is essential for the function of many systems in the body, especially the digestive system. Helps relieve conditions like constipation and blockages in the intestines, problems like bloating, gas, heartburn, cramps and indigestion can be alleviated.

Heart health

Durian may support heart health. Its fiber helps to lower blood cholesterol by removing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) from the body and quickly eliminating them as waste before it can cause any damage to the heart system in the form of plaque accumulation.


Durian is rich in potassium, which is an integral part of salt and fluid balance throughout the body's cells. Helps blood vessels to relax, reducing stress on the cardiovascular system and the risk of developing diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

Improve bone health

Durian is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, manganese and copper, all of which play an integral role in developing and maintaining bone strength and endurance. Potassium increases the efficiency of cell absorption of nutrients, while improving bone health. These essential minerals help prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Besides, many studies show that the thorny outer shell of durian fruit has cough-reducing and antibiotic properties.

Durian contains many nutrients so if you want to gain weight try eating durian. However, if you are intending to lose weight, you should not eat too much durian. Because durian fruit is high in calories, it makes you gain weight quickly. According to research, a cup of durian smoothie can provide the body with an amount corresponding to 357 calories. Including 13 grams of fat, 66 grams of carbs, 9 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein. 88% of vitamin C needs, 38% of vitamin B6 needs, 30% of daily potassium needs.

Through this article, you can know what is durian good for. Durian fruit is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and offers many health benefits. Currently durian is one of the Vietnamese fruits that are exported to the world such as the US, Japan, Korea, Australia...If your business is looking for a vietnam agriculture company, don't hesitate to contact Vagrofood. We have many years of experience in exporting agriculture, in addition, we also support OEM services, ensuring safe and quality products for your business!


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