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Official durian export to China brings in more than USD 6 million

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

According to data from China Customs, in September this country imported 15,424 tons of durian. In which, Thailand is still the largest supplier with a volume of 14,075 tons.

However, Thailand is no longer the only market licensed to export durian to China. In September, Vietnam officially exported 1,350 tons of durian to the Chinese market for the first time with a value of more than USD 6 million, accounting for 9% of the country's total durian imports.

The average price of Vietnamese durian exported to China reached USD 4,466/ton, quite competitive compared to the average price of USD 5,033/ton of Thailand.

Experts say that Vietnam's durian has many advantages to boost exports to the Chinese market due to its favorable geographical location, year-round crop and meeting the consumer tastes of this country.

After Vietnam officially joined the durian export race to the Chinese market, Thailand has made a move to strengthen the quality control of durian exports to China, and at the same time increase the ripeness degree of durians to increase competitiveness, to meet the tastes of consumers in this country.

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