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Opportunities To Import Vietnamese Dragon Fruit From Vietnam

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Vagrofood is one of the best export brands of quality Vietnamese dragon fruit into America & China market. With the excellent procedure of planting, harvesting, and sorting the top-quality dragon fruits for many markets, we have satisfied all our partners and importers in the USA.

Vagrofood, the best export brands of quality Vietnamese dragon fruit into America & China market

Highly appreciated for its quality and good nutritional, the dragon fruits from Vagrofood is one of the most choice of tropical fruits in many markets.

Bright spots of exported dragon fruit

Recently, Vietnam's dragon fruit is still exported mainly to China, India, Australia, and New Zealand markets. In 2021, dragon fruit will continue to be the main export product of Vietnamese fruit. turnover reached more than 1.04 billion USD, accounting for 29.4% of the country's total export turnover of vegetables and fruits.

Dragon fruit is now grown in many provinces and cities. Still, it thrives in large-scale specialized cultivation areas concentrated in the provinces of Binh Thuan (29,000 ha), Long An (11,000 ha), and Tien Giang (8,000 ha), accounting for 93.6% of the area and 95.5% of the country's output.

As one of the localities with a large area of ​​dragon fruit cultivation, the annual output of the dragon fruit of Long An reaches about 350,000 tons. Over the past time, Long An has been implementing many solutions to build and develop sustainable dragon fruit areas in the direction of high-tech agricultural production, providing products according to orders all year round.

Vagrofood's dragon fruit is of consistent quality, juicy and delicious.

Potential markets for dragon fruit exports

Australia and New Zealand

Dragon fruit is the most successful export fruit to New Zealand, with an impressive growth in turnover, reaching nearly 678,000 NZD in 2020, an increase of 76% compared to 2019.

In 2021, the export turnover of dragon fruit to New Zealand will decrease to only NZD 336,000, mainly due to high freight rates and scarcity of ships.

On August 24, 2017, Australia officially announced importing dragon fruit from Vietnam. After being actively promoted through the Vietnamese community in Australia and the Vietnamese retail distribution system in Australia.

Vietnamese dragon fruit is now widely sold in many places, such as Thaikee supermarket in the center of Vietnam. Sydney and shops in the Vietnamese capital of Cabramatta, NSW. Vietnamese dragon fruit with white and red flesh sells for about 200,000 VND per kilogram. Dai Phat supermarket in Melbourne, MCQ in Perth, and supermarkets in South Australia also sell Vietnamese dragon fruit.


India is a potential market for Vietnam's dragon fruit, but the export of Vietnamese dragon fruit to India has not taken full advantage of this market's opportunity.

Vietnam and India have a good relationship with more than 50 years of diplomatic relations and comprehensive strategic partnerships. With the world's second-largest market with nearly 1.4 billion people, a large number of vegetarians, and an eating habit that uses a lot of fruit as an essential part of the daily diet, India is the largest market in the world.

USA & European countries

Two fastidious markets, the US and Europe require Vietnamese fruits to meet export standards that drive Vietnamese businesses and farms to be more progressive in farming and bringing in quality products.

Typically, red flesh dragon fruit, with high economic efficiency, and nutritious products, should be focused on development.

Red flesh dragon fruit, delicious and delicious specialty of Vietnam

In particular, to consume a large amount of dragon fruit in Europe, businesses need to promote products to supermarkets of local people. To do so, companies need to have commercial representatives in this market.

Besides the European market, Vagrofood also promote dragon fruit to Korean and Japanese markets. However, businesses said that to export to the above need, from growers to firms, they must link and change the standard farming method.

Standard sizes of dragon fruits that meet export standards to the US and European markets

  • The weight of dragon fruit must be smaller than other markets (about 300g-350g/fruit)

  • Dragon fruit must be certified to meet GlobalGAP standards

  • Dragon fruit wants to be allowed to export to the US market, Europe needs to make sure that it is red flesh and white flesh

  • Dragon fruit exported to this market must comply with the SPS Agreement, must ensure food safety and hygiene, pesticide residues and other residues below the allowable level...

  • Medium-ripe fruit about 80-85%, the rind in the final stage turns from green to red, left and right uniform ±2g/left, uniform in carton and in a shipment

  • Facility packing dragon fruit for export must meet standards

  • Ears are straight, thick, hard, green and over 1.5cm long

  • Beautiful shape, clean fruit, red skin on 70% of the fruit area

  • Fruit structure should be firm, flesh white or red, seeds black

  • The fruit is free from mechanical damage or bruising and has no green spots or burn marks, no fungal or insect damage.

  • Shipments of dragon fruit from Vietnam, when exported to the US, must meet the conditions of technical standards and origin, must have enough information such as: growing area code + packing facility code + code irradiation treatment plant.

Dragon fruit is a potential fruit for export, bringing many economic benefits to businesses and people. Vagrofood - The Vietnam Agriculture Food, is confident that our products meet the requirements of food safety as well as global export standards. If you are looking for a Vietnamese enterprise to export dragon fruit, do not hesitate to contact us for reasonable advice!


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