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Vagrofood, the prestigious exporter of clean agricultural products in Vietnam

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Clean agricultural products are the current intelligent consumption trend, and V-Agrofood is proud to be an exporter of sanitary agricultural products in Vietnam!

The concept of clean agricultural products has been exciting and mentioned by many Vietnamese consumers recently. People have paid great attention to using organic products that ensure the health and have clear origins. Customers care not only for their health but also for all family members.

Therefore, the demand for clean & organic products is increasing, and V-Agrofood is proud to be the leading brand in exporting sanitary agricultural products in Vietnam!

What are clean agricultural products?

Clean agricultural products have been produced according to a certain standard, and experts thoroughly test for absolute safety before being made for the consumer market, including some criteria: Minimizing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and avoiding using stimulants on agricultural products.

Clean agricultural products comprehend as the products of sanitary farm products and it is the cultivation and farming areas based on a standard of VietGap & GlobalGap. In the future, organic agriculture in Vietnam will aim to eliminate the use of chemicals in farming.

Fresh and juicy lychees at V-Agrofood's farm
Fresh and juicy lychees at V-Agrofood's farm

4 standards of clean agricultural products

Currently, many Vietnamese consumers prefer to use clean agricultural products, all kinds of products that fully meet everyone's healthy nutrients. The following criteria are how we selected the clean fruits.

Agricultural products are grown on clean land

Growing agricultural products on qualified soil sources and staying far away from factory areas that release hazardous substances is extremely important. Growing agricultural products on fertile land helps to achieve the best quality of farm products. Our partners can firmly believe that V-Agrofood's clean fruits are grown on the most fertile soils of South Vietnam.

Reduce the use of inorganic fertilizers

Easy to discover that is inorganic fertilizer has the advantage of being easy to dissolve, making the plants absorb quickly. But besides that, the excessive use of fertilizers will significantly impact the quality of agricultural products.

Effective use of drugs

V-Agrofood is always careful when using drugs on farms; we try to calculate to reduce the harm to outputs according to the GlobalGap agreement. Before harvesting, we do not abuse chemical pesticides or plant growth stimulants, and this will bring clean agricultural products and ensure good quality.

Evaluation and testing

V-Agrofood has consistently met the evaluation standards as a clean agricultural product, ensuring consumers' health. This assessment and verification will be certified by reputable agencies and experts to bring the best quality products to users on five continents.

How to choose clean agricultural products for your family

The shape of farming products

We highly recommend choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, not crushed outside. To avoid using fruit with an overdose of growth medicine, please do not choose tubers that are larger than usual. You can rest assured that when using V-Agrofood products, they are always carefully weighed and measured, ensuring the standard export size and the fruits are even and always fresh.

Agricultural colors

Agricultural products with natural colors, without abnormalities, should be the priority. Especially vegetables and fruits should not choose too bright colors, which are most likely sprayed products by unqualified drugs. Always prioritize fruits that keep natural, eye-catching colors provided by V-Agrofood!

The scent of agricultural products

Each type of fruit product has a distinct characteristic smell to recognize. If you feel that the product's scent is different than usual, such as a reeky, or a chemical drug smell, you should immediately discard the product. Please choose products exported by reputable brands in the market.

Use your hands to feel

Clean agricultural products of high quality will feel heavier than other types when held in our hands. Agricultural products that feel too light or are soft and lifeless are the products that have been sprayed for a long time.

Raw cashews, the essential export products of V-Agrofood
Raw cashews, the essential export products of V-Agrofood

Consuming clean agricultural products are a trend that has brought a lot of benefits to both consumers and businesses.

Especially amid the current pandemic, it is even more essential to care for your health by providing your body with healthy foods. If you want a business specializing in specific agricultural products. Let's contact V-Agrofood for the best support!


Address: No. 26, N1 Street, Phu My Hiep Residential Area, Dong An Town, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

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