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A Secret Story Of Coconut From Ben Tre

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Coconut is probably the most popular fruit in Southern Vietnam. For many years, the famous coconut can be found in Ben Tre, a homeland of this kind of fruit. Let's discover some secret stories about Vietnamese Coconut with Vagrofood - the great exporter & supplier of coconut in bulk.

Coconut is probably the most popular fruit in Southern Vietnam.

Ben Tre is known as the land of coconuts or the land of three green coconut islands. It can be seen that among the plants grown on garden land in Ben Tre, coconut trees occupy the leading position, leading in terms of coconut area in the country. Coconut is one of the long-term industrial plants that have found the ideal land for development on three islets. Up to now, Ben Tre province has been the largest coconut-exporting province in Vietnam, so do you know why this land is so famous for coconuts? Let's learn about the story of Vietnam coconut with V.A.F!

Coconut in the past: Coconut in war, coconut in life

Coconut trees have been closely attached to the material and spiritual life of the people in food, services, and tourism in Ben Tre; More specifically, in the past, coconut trees also participated in the fight against foreign invaders, a weapon that contributed to the victory in guerrilla combat of the army and people of Ben Tre.

The felled coconut trees are used in the construction of bomb shelters. A clever plan of the liberation army was to use many coconut trunks to form long rafts, float the river when the water flowed strongly to knock down the arterial bridges to cut off the enemy's traffic on the roads Giong Trom, Ba Tri, Mo Cay towards the Town. Coconut water also sometimes changed seawater to help wounded soldiers overcome difficulties during the war.

In daily life, rural people use coconut tree trunks at the age of 40 years or more to cut wood to make columns, trusses, skewers, beams, puzzles, and walls to build houses and roofs with nipa leaves. Coconut houses have a very long life; If we choose the stumps of old coconut trees to build a house, it can be used for three or forty years.

Ben Tre is an area of ​​interlaced rivers. At that time, the water bridges behind the house were also made of coconut tree trunks; the bridge over the ditch, over the canal, and through the canal also made coconut tree trunks; The bottom poles outside the channel, in the river, in the sea, fishermen also use coconut tree trunks to make pillars. The closest thing to the people at that time was the fuel to cook their daily food from the stalks and leaves of the coconut tree.

Coconut today: "Coconut Country."

Before 1975, Ben Tre coconut garden had an area of ​​over 20,000 hectares. Due to the destruction of the war, after the liberation of Ben Tre, only 16,000ha remained; When recovering the economy after the battle, coconut trees still clung to the land here. After 30 years, the area of ​​coconut gardens more than doubled and reached 37,595ha; By 2012, the province had more than 53,000 hectares, and currently, the location of ​​coconut gardens is about 67,000 hectares, accounting for more than one-third of the area of ​​coconut gardens across the country, known as the homeland of Coconut.

Obtained the title of Coconut Country because Ben Tre owns about 30 varieties of coconut, of which there are many groups; a group of dwarf coconuts such as green Siamese coconut, red Siamese coconut, Siamese green coconut, Siamese fire coconut, Siamese coconut palm, Tam Quan coconut, brown siamese coconut, green siamese coconut, pineapple coconut; Tall coconut group includes Ta coconut, strawberry coconut, fire coconut, wax coconut, Malay coconut; a group of hybrid coconuts such as hybrid coconut PB121, coconut hybrid JVA1, coconut hybrid JVA2.

In Ben Tre cuisine, coconut is indispensable. It has been attached and imprinted in the hearts and blood. Because desiccated coconut water is pure, sweet, and calm, and used to drink, but now tourists to Ben Tre do not enjoy Siamese coconut water is a shortcoming.

Old coconut water also makes coconut jelly and produces many other unique products for export. Coconut milk is the juice taken from the rice of the dried coconut to make more than 200 foods and drinks popular with tourists.

Coconut trees in the past were crops, today not only are they industrial plants that produce a massive amount of oil to supply all over the world, but investors have launched many products from coconuts such as fresh, canned coconut water, canned coconut milk, refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, beauty mask for women, activated carbon, sintered charcoal have been received by demanding customers from Canada, Japan, Korea, and many other countries.

If you are looking for a Vietnam coconut distributor, Vagrofood is the best choice

It can be seen that coconut has become an indispensable part of the lifestyle and culture of Ben Tre, Vietnam. This product is the brainchild of the people here, so the quality of care and the favorable climate have created quality standard coconuts. If you are looking for a Vietnam coconut distributor, Vagrofood is the best choice for your business!


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