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The 3 best types of longan in Vietnam

Longan is a delicious tropical fruit that is especially popular with Vietnamese, used to eat directly or process other dishes and drinks. The most popular types of delicious longan today are big longan, pepper longan,... All are supplied by Vagrofood, a Vietnamese fruit supplier and exporter, to many international markets.

Vietnamese longan has good taste, aroma, various types, and reasonable price.
According to evaluation of market, Vietnamese longan has good taste, various types, and a reasonable price.

Longan is not only a fruit that can be eaten directly but is also used to process other incredibly delicious dishes and drinks such as longan yogurt, longan tea, longan ice cream, and many other dishes. In addition, the effect of longan fruit also helps to supplement vitamins and minerals for the body.

Therefore, Vietnamese longan for export is favored and chosen by many international users. In addition to the common types of longan, such as cage longan, and pepper longan, there are many other delicious types of longan that you may not know. Let's explore together with Vagrofood.

1. Big longan (Nhãn lồng)

Longan fruit is large, light yellow-brown, with thick flesh and tiny seeds. When eaten, the taste is sweet, crispy, and quite fragrant.

It can be said that the cage label is the most popular type of label that many people choose to buy today because users often use this type to make many dishes such as longan ice cream, longan tea, and even the famous longan wine in Hung Yen.

Vietnamese longan is often exported in large quantities by Vagrofood
Vietnamese longan is often manufactured & exported in bulk by Vagrofood

Over the years, in addition to solid consumption in the domestic market, products from Vietnamese big longan have been known and accepted by many large markets and consumers around the world, such as China, Australia, the United States, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, the Middle East.

2. Nhãn tiêu da bò

This type of longan is prevalent in southern Vietnam and is very popular. Because the kind of longan has very thick flesh, and the seed is tiny, like pepper. Besides that, the skin of this longan type is yellow, like cow skin, so the folk name of this longan is ox-skin-pepper longan.

When enjoying, you will feel the incredible aroma and sweet taste left on the tongue's tip and the throat's bottom.

China is one of the main markets of Vietnamese longan.
China is one of the main markets of Vietnamese longan.

3. Alum sugar longan (Nhãn đường phèn Hưng Yên)

Alum longan is grown in Hung Yen, Vietnam, and is considered the most delicious type of longan in this region. So, in the past, alum sugar longan was often offered to the king.

Alum longan, when ripe, has yellow flesh and red seeds. The longan flesh is relatively thick, soft, and crispy. On the surface, there are small bumps like alum sugar. The juice of this longan type is slightly cloudy, sweet, and smells like honey.

This type of longan is often grown by Hung Yen people to eat at home or to give as a gift, but rarely for sale, so it is difficult for outsiders to buy.

This type of Vietnamese longan was often offered to the king in the past

The best types of longan in Vietnam are supplied to many markets around the world by Vagrfood, Vietnam's leading tropical fruit and longan export company. All are exported according to special standards.

Criteria for choosing longans for export activities

Not only do import-export service providers need to pay attention to export standards, but longan agricultural enterprises need to work closely with farmers to comply with several export conditions, including:

  • Production according to VietGap/ Global Gap standards: to help trace the longan's origin easier.

  • Fruit packaging: longan should be carefully wrapped before harvesting for at least three weeks.

  • Planting area code: Longan fruits should be grown in disease-free areas and registered with production area codes such as varieties, gardeners, and production areas.

  • Irradiation treatment: depending on the place of export, logistics services will irradiate labels with different doses. For example, the longan will be irradiated at least 400 Gy and not more than 1000 Gy if exporting to the US.

Vietnamese longan manufacturer need follow VietGap/ Global Gap standards

Vagrofood strictly follows the post-harvest process

As a longan exporter company with many years of experience in the international market, Vagrofood pays special attention to the post-harvest process.

Longans must be stored carefully, considering conditions of temperature, humidity, packaging, and shelf life.

For example, longan can be stored in cold storage and maintained at a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius to keep the longan fruit longer for processing purposes. The air humidity should also be above 90% and can be stored for 10-15 days later.

Vagrofood strictly follows the post-harvest longan process

To better preserve longan, minimizing some fungal diseases that may arise after harvest is necessary. For example, after using a pesticide with a concentration of 0.1% Benlate, dip the whole bunch of longan fruit in it, then dry the longan in a cool place and store it in a cardboard box, bamboo crate, or wooden crate.

In addition, before harvesting longan, it is also necessary to pay attention to the amount of water and fertilizer for the tree. Farmers should not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, need to increase phosphate and potassium fertilizers, and will stop watering the plants about one week before harvesting longan.

Vagrofood have many years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and exporting large quantities of longans

Above is the basic information about the requirements and measures to preserve the longan after harvest, which Vagrofood mainly follows. Partners who want to import Vietnamese longans into your markets, please get in touch with Vagrofood immediately.

We have many years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and exporting large quantities of longans, so Vagrofood has a strong understanding of the conditions for exporting longans correctly. Helping Vietnam longan achieve optimal efficiency, improve product value and increase prestige for importers in other countries.


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