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10 Delicious Vietnamese Mango & How to Pick Them

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Mango is a popular fruit processed into attractive flavor dishes such as sweet soup, cream dishes, or mixed salad. Let's save the following tips from Vagrofood to learn the popular mango types and how to buy this delicious fruit!

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1. Hoa Loc Sweet Mango

Hoa Loc mango is a specialty mango of southern Vietnam, originating from Hoa Hung commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province.

Xoài Cát Hoà Lộc is a large mango weighing about 450-700g/fruit. The flesh is quite firm, and the meat is smooth and fragrant. The rind is light green and glossy, turning a beautiful golden color when ripe.

Hoa Loc sand mango, when eaten raw, has a very sour taste, but when ripe, it has a delightful taste and a very characteristic aroma. Depending on the year's season, the mango price ranges from 60,000 to 80,000 VND/kg.

Hoa Loc mango is a specialty mango of southern Vietnam

2. Acacia Mango

Acacia mango is native to the Ta Keo mountains of Cambodia, grown in the border provinces, and produced in many southern Vietnam regions.

Acacia mango is slightly rounded, with a waist in the middle and gradually smaller towards the tail. The characteristic of this mango is the green skin, but sometimes the inside is ripe yellow.

They have an average weight of 250-400g/fruit. The flesh is thick, the seeds are small and flat, and they have a delightful and sour taste.

When raw, acacia mango has a mildly sour taste, and when ripe, it has a sweet taste. However, acacia mango is often eaten raw or used when it is still green because the flesh will no longer be delicious when ripe.

When raw, acacia mango has a mildly sour taste, and when ripe, it has a sweet taste

3. Cat Chu Mango

Cat Chu mango appeared for the first time in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province. Cat Chu mango has a round shape like the Hoa Loc mango, but the size is quite small. The fruit is also pale yellow when raw, turning to dark yellow when ripe.

When still green, Cat Chu mango is quite sour. When ripe, the flesh is soft, fragrant, low in fiber, sweet, and attractive. When eating, you will quickly feel the sweet aroma that is difficult to mix with other types of mango.

When still green, Cat Chu mango is quite sour

4. Elephant Mango

As the name suggests, this is a large mango (like the elephant), weighing from 0.5kg to 1kg.

When alive, it has a gorgeous green color. When ripe, it has a pale yellow color with a bit of green. The skin is smooth and glossy, and the aroma is sweet and succulent but not as sweet as other mango varieties.

Mango statue is often eaten raw with sugar fish sauce and has an exceptional sour, crispy, unforgettable taste.

this is a large mango (like the elephant), weighing from 0.5kg to 1kg

5. Australia Mango

Australian mango is typical of Cam Lam land, Khanh Hoa province, and the central region.

Australian mangoes have a precise shape, light green skin, and a dark red head. When raw is green and turns yellow when ripe, people can eat Australian mango when raw or ripe; both are delicious and crispy.

Australian mangoes have a precise shape, light green skin, and a dark red head

6. Four Seanson Mango

This mango variety is undervalued in appearance, but the yield is relatively high, and it has an average weight of about 500-800g/fruit. Mangoes have light green skin when raw and turn bright yellow with a characteristic aroma when ripe.

The flesh of Four Season mango is less fibrous and quite powdery but still has a characteristic sweet and crunchy taste. According to many reviews, the flesh will be more delicious than ripe when green.

The flesh of Four Season mango is sweet and crunchy taste.

7. Red Taiwan Mango

This type of mango is also known as purple mango, and their tree can grow up to 10m tall if planted for a long time. If you plant a grafted tree, it will give fruit after two years of growth.

Mangoes weigh from 1 to 1.5kg and have a characteristic dark purple color (most of the fruit). The fruit is quite balanced and slightly tapered towards the tail. When ripe, they will gradually turn pink and red, which is quite eye-catching.

The fruit's flesh will be bright yellow, and the seeds are usually tiny and flat. When eaten, you will feel the sweet taste and beautiful aroma.

Red taiwwan mango is also known as purple mango

8. Thanh Ca Mango

This is the most delicious mango variety nowadays, with its sweetness and aroma. Mangoes are not too big, averaging 250 - 45g/fruit.

When raw, the fruit is oblong and slightly flattened with a green tail and turns a characteristic bright yellow when ripe.

The fruit's flesh is very low in fiber, the meat is bright yellow like the skin, and the flesh is firm and has an attractive aroma. When mango is ripe, the fruit pulp and smell will be better than when it is raw.

Thanh Ca mango is the most delicious mangoes

9. Stomach Mango

Stomach mango is the common name for young mangoes, this kind of mango is small. When cut, the intestines are hollow because the seeds are still immature.

This mango has a crunchy sour taste and has become a "specialty" for crazy fans of acidic foods. Stomach mango is often eaten with sugar sauce, fish sauce, Thai fish sauce, or used as salad dressings.

Stomach mango is the common name for young mangoes

10. Thailand Mango

Thai mango trees are pretty large and can live up to 50 years. Thai mango is long, round, and slightly curved towards the tail. The fruit has a dark green skin that turns yellow when ripe. Fruit weight ranges from 300 - 500g with soft flesh when ripe.

However, this variety of mango is recommended to be eaten raw because of its sweet crunch. When ripe, Thai mango meat will no longer be delicious.

Choosing a mango is very easy when you know how

Choosing a mango is very easy when you know how

Each type of mango will have a different buying method depending on the color and size. However, you can rely on some of the following tips to be able to choose to buy delicious fresh mangoes.

For green mango

To choose delicious green mangoes, you should choose those with a round waist, gradually smaller towards the tail.

You should choose to buy fruits with green skin that is neither too dark nor too light. If the stalk is still wet, fresh, and sticky with latex. So it is a freshly picked mango.

When buying, you should try to press on the fruit. If it feels hard, you should buy it. If it feels soft, you should not believe it. Because soft mango is a mango that has been left for a long time or is ripe and is not delicious.

For ripe mango

Naturally, ripe mangoes often have a stunning aroma, and sometimes there are tiny black dots on the skin but not large patches. So sometimes, to choose a natural and fresh ripe mango, you should smell it.

Choose ripe yellow fruits and hold them firmly. The skin is glossy and smooth, and the foot of the mango stalk is slightly recessed.

When gently pressing the mango, you will feel the firmness of the mango flesh, not softening or crushing. The ripe mangoes are delicious.

Ripe mango has a stunning aroma

Avoid buying mangoes that are dark or have an extremely eye-catching appearance. Because sometimes they have been drugged or pressed by some method.

Not all ripe mangoes are yellow, and not all mangoes that are not fragrant are not mature. So it would be best to consider these criteria to choose the right mangoes.

These delicious mangoes are all exported by Vagrofood - the leading exporter of agricultural products and fruits in Vietnam, and shipped worldwide.

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