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FDA Certificate, The Important Visa To Import Food Into USA

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Applying for an FDA certificate is very important and compulsory to export food and fruit to the US market. It is also a quality passport, affirming the prestige of that import-export business. Let's find out together what an FDA certificate is. What are the regulations in the FDA? And how Vagrofood achieved this necessary certificate?

To export fruits in the US market, Vagrofood must be get FDA certificate

What is FDA Certificate

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration - U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a mission to protect and promote public health by regulating and overseeing food safety and products. Diets, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation from transmitters, and veterinary products.

In addition to its headquarters in White Oak, Maryland, FDA has 223 offices and 13 other laboratories across the states, along with offices in China, India, Costa Rica, Chile, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

The US FDA requires registration for all companies that manufacture, process, pack, or store food, beverages, or dietary supplements to be consumed in the United States. Companies outside these countries must designate a representative in the United States for FDA communications.

Is an FDA certificate necessary?

When you want to ship an item to the US to be able to clear the goods, you will need a lot of paperwork and legal procedures to prove the origin, ingredients, quality control certificates, and certificates. approved by the US FDA. Without such documents, your item will be returned to US Customs, and your item will not be able to be sent to partners in the US.

FDA's Role

FDA standards were created to ensure the interests of American consumers. Accordingly, there is no standard difference between imported from Vietnam and domestically produced fruit. If imported goods do not meet the standards or violate the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, they will be denied entry into the United States.

Vagrofood packs cavendish bananas for export to other countries
Vagrofood packs cavendish bananas for export to other countries

What is the FDA's regulation on food products imported into the US?

For all items considered food to be shipped to the US, any exporter must comply with all stringent requirements and standards of the FDA and obtain FDA certification.

About packaging and ingredients of food, beverage, and functional foods

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) requires most foods to have special nutrition and ingredient labels and involves food, drink, and dietary supplements to contain warnings about Certain nutrition and health messages that must meet the unique requirements of the FFDCA. Pay special attention to functional foods.

Goods that are considered food by the FDA:

- Fish and seafood

- Dairy products and eggs in the shell

- Animals for food are alive

- Vegetables

- Raw agricultural goods used as food or food ingredients

- Canned and frozen food

- Beverages include alcoholic beverages and bottled water

- Cakes, snacks, candies, and chewing gum

- Dietary supplements and dietary condiments

- Infant formula (baby food)

- Food for animals and pets

Benefits of FDA-certified products

FDA is the Agency to protect and promotes public health. Therefore, the regulations on FDA standards are stringent, and it helps users of products imported into the United States be safe and healthy when using.

FDA certificate has improved output quality for Vietnamese agricultural products

A manufacturing facility must follow cGMP - current Good Manufacturing Practice to achieve US FDA approval. cGMP is a production regulation under a general rule that includes:

- Technology

- Production process

- Production equipment must conform to industry standards

Therefore, the main benefit of the FDA is to help users protect their health. FDA certificate will ensure the ingredients and safe for users. Products in the United States with FDA certification are highly appreciated worldwide.

Therefore, the prerequisite for businesses when importing products into the US is to meet all requirements to be granted an FDA license for their products. This means that the company's products are safe for users.

As you can see, to be certified by the FDA, food exporters must satisfy the above strict conditions. Vagrofood is the leading fruit exporter in Vietnam. Vagrofood's products and fruit production process have been recognized by FDA for many years. Ensure to bring tropical fruit products to the US market and markets across five continents.


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