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Tips To Choose Quality Vietnamese Watermelons

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Watermelon is a favorite fruit of many people, especially in summer. Watermelon cools down the heat and contains many different nutrients for health, such as vitamins A, C, etc. Currently, under the distribution and export of Vagrofood, many people worldwide can buy an excellent Vietnamese watermelon and have it for the whole year.


Vietnam's watermelon is famous for its juicy, beautiful color.
Vietnam's watermelon is famous for its juicy, beautiful color.

Watermelon is a cheap fruit but very delicious. However, watermelon has thick and problematic skin, so if you do not know how to choose it correctly, it is easy to buy a spongy, less sweet, less delicious watermelon. If you don't know how to select a Vietnamese watermelon, let Vagrofood, the leading fruit supplier companies, tell you the following useful tips!

Watermelon's shape

When buying Vietnamese watermelons, you should select the ones with a round, balanced shape. The head and tail are not too different because these are fresh and sweet watermelons.

As for watermelons with distorted, disproportionate shapes, it is usually because they have not been developed in the best care conditions, so the quality is not as good as a watermelon with a decent shape.

Watermelon peel

Old ripe watermelons will often have dark green skin and moderate hardness, the black veins running along the fruit are also very even, clearly visible, and quite far apart.

Stems of watermelons

Ripe watermelons (signal for cantaloupe - sweet) often have small stalks and wither. While the young watermelon, the stalks are still green, it is challenging to shrivel and prove that the watermelon was harvested early.

Bottom of watermelon

It is very easy to identify a delicious watermelon
It is very easy to identify a delicious watermelon

The bottom of the watermelon is the part of the watermelon that comes into contact with the soil during growth. Therefore, you should choose the bottom of the watermelon to be yellow (or cream) because it is a sign that the watermelon is delicious, fresh, and sweet.


In addition, when gently pressing the watermelon skin with your hand will look sturdy, not soft, and when you pat the watermelon body, you can hear a loud and clear "pump, pop" sound.


If the watermelon is heavier than its size, it means that the watermelon is very succulent, fresh, and has a sweet taste. For example, if a small watermelon you hold in your hand is heavier than another small watermelon of the same size or more severe than a large one, it means that the watermelon you own is succulent and delicious.

Bee stings

Traces like these prove that watermelons are organically grown.
Traces like these prove that watermelons are organically grown.

Occasionally, you will have a case: there are brown spots or bee stings on the body of a watermelon, so don't worry too much before using a knife to cut the melon! This is a sign that the watermelon is sweet because bees have been in contact with the pollinator of the flower before fruiting.

How to keep Vietnamese watermelon fresh for a long time

Use salt

Soak it in a bowl of dilute salt water for about 30 minutes when buying a watermelon. Then take out the watermelon and use a clean towel or cloth to dry the watermelon. With this method, the dilute salt water will penetrate the melon skin and form an anti-rot layer that will help preserve the watermelon for a longer time.

Use food wrap

In addition, you can also use food wrap to wrap tightly around the watermelon and keep it in a cool place, away from sunlight. This method will also help you keep watermelon fresh for more than one month.

So, you already know how to choose fresh, thin, juicy watermelons and how to preserve fresh watermelons for a long time! Try making smoothies and other drinks from delicious watermelons to change the taste of yourself and your family, and we wish you success. And if your business wants to import international standard watermelons for the domestic market, don't hesitate to contact Vagrofood. Among many Vietnamese agriculture food companies, we will be the best choice to support you 24/ 7 at an affordable price.


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