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Vietnam Cashews Dominate The European Market

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

As one of Vietnam's leading agricultural product exporters, cashew nuts are one of

Vagrofood's critical products in the European market. With the advantage of raw materials and professional processing techniques, Vagrofood has brought the best quality products, such as raw cashews, salted roasted cashews, butter-roasted cashews, and broken cashews. Therefore, Vietnam cashew nuts are very prevalent in the European market.

In British supermarkets, there are many products of Vietnam exported by organic fruit suppliers. Particularly, Vietnamese cashew nuts account for 90% of the amount of cashew in the UK.

V-Agrofood has brought the best quality of Vietnam cashew nuts
V-Agrofood has brought the best quality of Vietnam cashew nuts

So what's so special about cashews in Vietnam that many organic fruit suppliers focus on developing? This article will provide you with information to choose good quality Vietnamese cashews.

Vietnam cashew nuts account for 80% of the European market

The EU is currently Vietnam's second-largest cashew nut export market, accounting for 23% of the total volume and 22% of the industry's total value. Therefore, the growth of cashew nut exports to the EU contributed significantly to the industry's overall development.

Germany and the Netherlands are now important trading hubs for imported cashews for re-export. Besides, Vietnam's cashew industry has also exploited other EU member markets such as France, Spain, and Poland.

These are all excellent cashew nut consumption markets. Notably, cashew nut exports to the Finnish market increased by 625.7% in volume and 629.6% in value.

Thus, Vietnam's cashew industry has been quite successful when exploiting gateway markets such as the Netherlands and Germany, at the same time, Vietnamese enterprises have used other markets in the EU such as Finland, Poland, and Belgium, Spain, Romania, Portugal.

The workers of V-Agrofood are processing Vietnam cashews to export
The workers of V-Agrofood are processing Vietnam cashews to export

Why should you choose Vietnamese cashews for export?

Incomparable Taste

Vietnamese cashews are dry nuts smaller in size than many types of cashews worldwide but have characteristics that cashew nuts elsewhere cannot match. Specifically, cashews are firm, beautiful ivory yellow, have a naturally sweet taste, and have a typical aroma of Vietnam's soil and climate.

This delicious taste is also obtained because nature favors Vietnam, with the cashew harvest season in the sunniest season of the year. Accordingly, Vietnamese cashews are always fresh and flavorful because they naturally dry with only about 10-15% moisture.

Outstanding Nutrients

Also, thanks to the soil of Vietnam, cashews grown here contain relatively high nutrient content, surpassing other types of cashews grown in other regions.

This cashew confirms by the research of the Nutrition Center of Ho Chi Minh City and the survey of the World Nut Council. Specifically, cashew nuts provide a lot of energy, fat, and sugar in Vietnam. In addition, there are nutrients in cashew nuts, and some nutrients promote brain development, complete the musculoskeletal system, ensure a healthy heart, and maximize anti-oxidants.

Significantly, the carbohydrate content of cashews is exceptionally high, so it is more crispy and fragrant than many other types of cashews.

Unique Color

Unlike other types of cashews grown in other regions, Vietnamese cashews are pale yellow, not milky white. The pale yellow color of Vietnamese cashews is spread evenly in every position of the kernel, both inside and outside. It is a consistent color that is hard to change even after salting, steaming, drying, etc.


Vietnamese standard cashew nuts are relatively small with dense cashew kernels, tiny slots, and heavy. It is also a distinguishing factor from cashews originating from Cambodia.

Still, the body of Vietnamese cashews is quite round, the cashew silk is relatively smooth, and there are no wrinkles along the body like some others.

Vietnam's taste

Cashew nuts in Vietnam have the proper harvest in the sunniest season of the year, not to mention the number of Vietnamese cashews brought to the market every year is not much.

Therefore, the Vietnam cashew has absolutely no preservatives, and there is no oily smell. Thanks to that feature, Vietnamese cashew nuts possess a characteristic seductive aroma.

V-Agrofood can always supply quality cashew products in large quantities.
V-Agrofood can always supply quality cashew products in large quantities.
V.A.F Vietnam Agriculture Food is one of organic fruit suppliers, specialized in exporting raw and processed cashews. With the raw material being cashew nuts from the basalt land of Binh Phuoc, cashew nuts with high nutritional value are famous around the world. The cashew nut processing process at V.A.F is synchronized and strictly controlled from raw cashew nuts to cashew kernel separation. Cashews are classified, tested again before being processed by modern roasting method, closed packaging process.

Choosing cashew nuts is not as difficult as many people think. You must pay special attention when selecting organic fruit suppliers because there are many fake Vietnamese cashews from other brands.

Vagrofood has a reputation in Vietnam for ensuring that you enjoy the excellent quality of cashew nuts. To decide to buy raw or processed cashew nuts in bulk, you can contact via V-Agrofood directly for the best advice and support when choosing cashews.


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