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6 Vietnamese fruits exported to international markets

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

In recent years, Vietnam's import and export fruit market has grown increasingly, conquering many of the most demanding foreign needs. Let's discover six kinds of Vietnamese fruits that are loved and successfully exported to the international market. And don't forget that these 6 fruits are all developed, supplied, and exported by Vagrofood, a clean agricultural wholesale company in Vietnam. We exported all fresh Vietnamese fruits to not only China, India, Dubai but also difficult international markets like USA, Australia, EU, and Japan.

Vagrofood is a clean agricultural wholesale company in Vietnam

1. Mango

In 2015, the batch of Cat Chu mangoes was the first Vietnamese fruit exported to the Japanese market. It was received with great enthusiasm by the Japanese people. This was followed by shipping this mango to Australia in August 2015. And finally, in February 2019, Vietnamese mango continued to export to the US.

Over the years, Vietnam's mango production process has been improved and enhanced. That produces very juicily ripe mangoes. At the same time, it has achieved strict standards from highly developed countries worldwide.

Vietnam is ranked 14th in world production of mangoes, and the fruit is one of the majorly produced in the country

In addition, the United States is the largest mango importer in the world, with a quantity of more than 400 thousand tons per year. Even though mango is an expensive Vietnamese fruit, thanks to the high quality and standard of Vietnamese mango cultivation, the competitiveness is very high compared to other countries.

2. Lychee

Agriculture companies in Vietnam exported lychee through Japan in 2014. Moreover, after 12 negotiations, lychee is the Vietnamese fruit licensed to be imported through Australia, and this particular event was on April 17, 2015. Thailand was also an importer of lychee from Vietnam in June 2019.

Vagrofood fresh lychee is harvested from the best cultivation area which has been approved with Global GAP cert

In the seasons of lychee in Vietnam, the price is meager. However, when exported to Japan, the price has risen to more than 20 USD for 12 lychees. In addition, the price for 1 kg of lychee in Australia is 18 USD. This price is 20 times higher than fabric in Vietnam. This makes the Vietnamese who are far from their homeland every time they want to cry because the price is too costly.

3. Rambutan

Compared with the domestic price, rambutan is a fruit exported to the international market at a high price. The fruits are carefully selected, all large, round and thick.

First, rambutan was exported to the US; then, China imported rambutan from Vietnam. Coming to New Zealand is a demanding market; this Vietnamese fruit is also exported and sold here. And it is also the fruit that is shipped to most countries of Vietnam.

The Rambutan is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that aids in losing weight, strengthening bones

4. Longans

Vietnam successfully exported longans to Australia and the US in 2019. Including famous longan such as big longan, longan pulp, yellow rice longan, Huong Chi longan... All types are exported to the international market.

The exported longan fruits are large and round, with thick and incredibly succulent and sweet fruits.

Longan is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C, and very low in sodium.

5. Dragon fruits

This Vietnamese fruit was exported to foreign countries earlier than other types, and it started in 2008 and is still maintained today in the US. The number of exports is increasing and is very positive. Next, Japan was also an importer of Vietnamese dragon fruit in 2009. In particular, dragon fruit is a high-quality fruit loved by many fastidious markets.

Vagrofood, the best supplier of dragon fruit in Vietnam

6. Star Apple

Star apple is a Vietnamese fruit successfully exported to foreign countries. Especially to be present in the US - the most demanding market in the world. And this is also the first place to import Vietnam's breast milk. This sweet, nutritious fruit is sold for ~15 USD/kg. At the same time, Vietnamese fruit companies must invest in bulk packaging lines to meet export demand.

Star apple is among only six Vietnamese fruits allowed to enter the U.S. market

Vagrofood, the exporter & supplier of fruit companies in Vietnam, is bringing Vietnam fruits to the world and helping farmers have a whole life. We produce great agriculture products according to Global standards/certificates combined with modern packaging methods and broad distribution channels.

Our primary expertise of us is providing fresh fruits to over the world. We would love to introduce Vietnam's fruit flavor and tasty to other countries. Let's contact us now to import the six above fruits.


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