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4 Ways To Find A Reliable Agricultural Fruit Supplier

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Creating a successful fruit or agricultural chain is predicated on the information that your fruit supplier is a professional organization. An experienced supplier must also know the commercial quality standards for agri-support products used across farms, like a quality check and control of proper goods. This article from Vagrofood will help you how to source reliable agricultural product suppliers.

how to source reliable agricultural product suppliers?

Suppliers of agricultural products can guide and regulate the production process and promote a stable supply chain to meet the needs of consumers, ensuring your business model is stable.

With a reliable agricultural supplier in partnership, agricultural products like tropical fruit can continue along the supply chain without too many fluctuations in pricing and quality.

In addition to providing quality products and sustainable fruit supply chains, a professional agricultural supplier can support domestic farmers by offering storage infrastructure and other logistic facilities.

Content table:

Step1. Guarantee fruit quality and consistency.

Step 2. Ensure supply chain stability.

Step 3. Provide logistic support.

Step 4. Maintain local resources and experience.

a professional agricultural supplier can support domestic farmers by offering storage infrastructure and other logistic facilities.

At the same time, the importance of sustainable agriculture that is kind to the environment and can still feed people becomes even more critical. Finding the right fruit supplier is significant, so you must research potential suppliers before deciding.

Here are four steps to finding proper agricultural producers or fruit suppliers:

Step1 - Guarantee fruit quality and consistency

Producers are always seeking cost-saving opportunities within their manufacturing operations. Of those, the easiest to compromise on is quality.

Therefore, farmers need to ensure that the fruits supplied to meet the top-most standards by being up to date on international and national quality checks. These are based on: Existing export standards; Industry and trade practices; Regular review and amendments.

The entire agricultural supply chain is built on the understanding that the supplier of the product is informed of the latest quality checks and controls.

Commercial quality standards apply to the production of all agricultural and livestock produce. These standards are developed by a specialized organization within the United Nations, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The standard from UNECE may be adopted consistently by any country with high quality.

When importing fruit into the U.S. market, all fruit suppliers will follow provisions of the U.S. law contained in the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA). All importers of food products intended for introduction into U.S. interstate commerce are responsible for ensuring that the products are safe, sanitary, and labeled according to U.S. requirements. (All imported food is considered to be interstate commerce.)

Obtaining a certificate to import fruit into a large, rigorous market is the first step in determining whether a fruit supplier is reputable.

Step 2 - Ensure supply chain stability

Supply chains are mainly concerned with the flow of products and information between all the supply chain member organizations – from procuring goods and transforming these into finished products to distributing those products. Stable supply chains help farmers maintain inventories and balance costs.

Three crucial areas within the agri-food supply chain include coordination between:

1. Interdependent factors that source different raw materials.

2. Coordination mechanisms that convert raw materials to produce.

3. Methodologies for implementing this change and coordinating dispersal.

For example, China is the largest market for fruits. Currently, the country is witnessing a high demand because of changing consumption patterns and rising awareness.

While the country can meet its domestic demand for vegetables, it is still largely dependent on Vietnam imports for fruit production. Additionally, organic fruits and vegetables are gaining popularity. Therefore, agriculture product suppliers in Vietnam are sourcing the latest in organic fruit varieties to drive farmers to change planting trends.

With China's regulation, agricultural suppliers can influence agricultural processes and drive stable supply chains that meet consumer demands.

It can be seen that, in step 2, identifying a stable and progressive supplier of agricultural products is especially important to maintain stability for a farming commodity supply chain.

China is the largest market for Vietnam dragon fruits.

Step 3 - Provide logistic support

In addition to providing quality products and sustainable, reliable supply chains, a professional agricultural supplier can provide additional support by giving storage infrastructure to farmers.

This logistic support can include:

  • Transport services

  • Facility for storage, including warehousing, and cold storage

  • Storage shed facilities for cleaning, grading, sorting, and packaging of produce

  • Advisory on technical or new services or neccessary financial advice

Additionally, a qualified and well-stocked supplier can guide you in what needs to be used at the right time and in the correct fruit season.

Only domain agriculture supplier can provide lychee right in season

Step 4 - Maintain local resources and experience

Each region has its own climate that directly affects agriculture from soil health and water resources to average annual sunlight - especially in Vietnam.

Sourcing from a reliable agricultural fruit supplier with the correct local intel on herbicides, pesticides, and irrigation can help ensure that your product is of the best quality and free from diseases.

Having a local supplier, with knowledge of products, supply chains, and demands, and experience with crops, cycles, and weather patterns, can be a greatly beneficial partner for farmers.

And these are the strengths that Vagrofood owns. You can rely entirely on Vagrofood's Vietnamese fruit market experience to bring high-quality, low-cost agricultural products to your country.

Let's contact us now for the fresh and delicious fruits from Vietnam.


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