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5 Pillars To Boost The Sustainable Agriculture Direction

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Shifting to sustainable agriculture is more necessary than ever. So, what role does an agriculture enterprise need to develop, and how can an agriculture exporter like Vagrofood impact the industry? Let's discover in this article.

Main content:
  1. How can agriculture be sustainable?

  2. SDGs and agriculture in Vietnam

  3. Four key directions of Sustainable Agriculture

  4. Vagrofood is committed to accompanying sustainable agriculture.

Shifting to sustainable agriculture is a development goal in next decade

1. How can agriculture be sustainable?

According to an ecological definition of sustainable agriculture by Professor Stephen R. Gliessman at UCSC, it means “a system that is concerned with and affects food production, farming, balance environmental stability, social relevance, and economic viability among factors, both in breadth and in length (multiple actors and generations of participants).

More broadly, agricultural ecosystem sustainable development is when we maintain the natural resource base and rely very little on manufactured products outside the ecosystem. Manage diseases and pests through internal regulatory mechanisms, and the ecosystem needs to recover from disturbances (even damage) caused by farming and harvesting.

2. SDGs and agriculture in Vietnam

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are universal targets designed to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity in each UN member state by 2030. These are also the goals of UN is working on in Viet Nam.

Sustainable development goals of UN is processing in Vietnam

Reaching the SDG targets simply will not be possible without a strong and sustainable agricultural sector. More than just its direct impact on hunger and malnutrition, our food system is also linked to other development challenges being addressed in the SDGs.

Vietnam is striving to become a responsible and sustainable producer and supplier of food and fresh fruit under a agricultural strategy and rural development for 2021-2030.

Vietnam agriculture should develop effectively and sustainably in terms of economy, society and environment. And all of sectors will bring into resources like soil, water, local culture and innovations.

Vagrofood is at the forefront of exporter fruit in Vietnam, with a keen focus on best practices across its farmer/smallholder network. The company has an ambition to follow SDGs strategy, and also become an exporter leader to promote a sustainable agricultural product in Vietnam to worldwide.

Safe for the environment and user-friendly is the motto of clean agriculture.

3. Four key directions of Sustainable Agriculture

The challenges of sustainable agriculture in Vietnam give rise to some fundamental principles for guiding the strategic development of new approaches and the transition to sustainability:

  • Pillar 1: Improving efficiency in the use of resources is crucial to sustainable agriculture.

  • Pillar 2: Sustainability requires direct action to conserve, protect and enhance natural resources;

  • Pillar 3: Agriculture that fails to protect and improve rural livelihoods and social well-being is unsustainable;

  • Pillar 4: Sustainable agriculture must enhance the resilience of people, communities and ecosystems, especially to climate change and market volatility;

  • Pillar 5: Good governance is essential for the sustainability of both the natural and human systems.

4. Vagrofood is committed to accompanying sustainable agriculture.

We, Vagrofood, the leading of exporter fruit in Vietnam, is ready to share our advantages in market to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam's agricultural industry in the international market and adapt to increasing climate change.

Together with farmer & small stakeholder, Vagrofood work on Vietnam’s local farms that help fruit farmers cultivate tropical fruits as responsibly as possible. That’s why we support the farmers by working hard every day to meet our high demands and the sustainability of our fruit.

Besides these, Vagrofood uses this blog and some social media channels to share information and solutions to create a knowledge hub for people and improve their choice.

Vagrofood has been a source of delicious fruits to export worldwide.

Since then, Vagrofood has been a source of delicious fruits to export worldwide. We ensure that the natural environment, the social and economic circumstances of farmers, their employees, and the local communities are protected and even improved.

Thanks to dynamic logistic is available nowaday, Vagrofood believe that we can really help support the generation worldwide changes in agriculture to enable a more sustainable fresh fruit supply chain to feed the growing world population.

Let's contact us now for the fresh and delicious fruits from Vietnam.


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