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What is sustainable agricultural development (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

If we had a choice in consumption, we would probably choose natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals or pesticides. Vagrofood, a supplier and exporter of fresh fruit according to Global Gap standards in Vietnam, is famous for its fresh fruit shipments, safe for health and environmentally friendly. Let's learn about sustainable agriculture with Vagrofood!

Let's learn about sustainable agriculture with Vagrofood

Nowadays, based on the mass media. We see many high-tech applications of science and technology in agriculture. On the one hand, commercial agriculture brings high productivity, produces abundant products, and makes the cost of products cheap. However, on the other hand, this farming method is based on harmful ways to the environment and human health.

1. What is sustainable agriculture?

In recent years, we often hear the phrase "sustainable development," which is also used in many different contexts and fields, one of which is "sustainable agricultural development." So how do we understand the development of "sustainable agriculture"?

According to an ecological definition of sustainable agriculture by Professor Stephen R. Gliessman at UCSC, it means " a system that is concerned with and affects food production, farming, balance environmental stability, social relevance, and economic viability among factors, both in breadth and in length (i.e., multiple actors and generations of participants). )".

More broadly, sustainable development of agro-ecosystems is when we maintain the natural resource base, which depends very little on manufactured products brought in from outside the ecosystem, manage diseases and pests through internal regulatory mechanisms, and maintain the time for the ecosystem to recover from disturbances (even damage) caused by farming and harvesting.

Simply put, sustainable agriculture is a chain of food, crop, and livestock production in which producers use agricultural techniques that help protect the environment, public health, and the environment—time to treat pets well.

2. What does sustainable agriculture bring?

Sustainable agriculture helps us to source healthy food without adversely affecting future generations.

The key to sustainable agriculture is finding a balance between the needs of food production and the preservation of the ecological environment. At the same time, it also promotes economic stability for farmers, helping farmers have a better quality of life. Because agriculture has always played an essential role in the world economy, with more than 40% of the world's population working in it (FAOStat 2011), ensuring sustainable development and food security is always an urgent issue for every country.

Sustainable agriculture and commercial agriculture

Sustainable agriculture differs from commercial agriculture in that commercial agriculture uses industrial techniques to apply to farming and production (food, vegetables, and livestock).

Commercial agriculture relies heavily on chemical crop protection preparations, growth fertilizers, animal feed, and other chemicals. Because to achieve a large yield on a large area of cultivation, it won't be easy to use only natural methods.

Over the past 4-5 decades, we have consumed a lot of food grown this way, especially in European and American countries where science and technology have developed enormously. The Green Revolution in the 1940s-1960s, in addition to the effect of agricultural transformation around the world, created those working in this field to take advantage of the use of chemical preparations applied to farming to achieve the highest yield regardless of how heavy metal or chemical residues in food adversely affect consumer health and how residues in arable land lead to consequences for the land.

New trends in agricultural development?

However, due to the negative impacts on consumers' health and the environment of such agricultural farming methods, many people have paid attention to the practice and practice of farm products in recent years. This method is now quite widespread, and now this method seems to be a trend in agricultural development in many countries. So, what are sustainable farming practices, and what do they include? Please continue reading part 2 of the series on sustainable agriculture development collected by Vagrofood.

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